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Four Rivers Team Building Activity Glossary

Archery: Instructions will be given on how to use the bow and arrow. Members of the team will take turns to shoot at a target to accumulate points for their team. If the team reaches a certain level in their time, they will move on to a bonus round which will involve further skill and accuracy. Medium physicality

Balancing Beam: Members will start on the one side of a beam and make their way to the other side. It’s tricky and the team will need to work together. Medium physicality

Blindman Maze: The team will first solve the maze on a piece of paper. Once completed, teams will move onto a man size maze. All but one team members will be blindfolded. This person will have to successfully direct the rest of the team through the maze. Medium physicality

Blindman Rafting: A great activity to encourage communication in a team. There will be a Slalom course laid out on the dam. The group will get to practice the course with their eyes open to strategise on the use of commands and communication. Thereafter, all team members besides 1 who will be blindfolded. All the blind team members will need to paddle and work together while the seeing person (the navigator) will give the group instructions on what to do. The routes will be timed and the group with the best times and least errors will win. Medium physicality

Blow Darts: The team members will each get several shots at the targets. Each team’s goal is to score as many points as possible within their allocated timeframe. Low physicality

Bridge Building: A partially constructed bridge will be laid over a donga (or water). The group will need to work together to complete the bridge to allow their own team to cross. A high ropes challenge with the team members in harnesses, attached to a suspended cable above them - for safety. High physicality

Bull Challenge: Team members will attempt to ride the mechanical bull for as long as possible without falling off. Large groups only. Medium physicality

Catapult/ Slingshot Shoot: The team will have a giant Catapult (kattie). 2 Team-mates will need to hold the kattie while 2 other team members load and shoot it off. The rest of the members will need to catch the object that is shot to score points for the team. There will be a range of things shot off including balls, water balloons and even a few eggs. Medium physicality

Chipping Challenge: There will be score sites laid out in front of the team. Each team member will receive a set number of balls. With these balls the team members must try score as highly as they can by chipping the ball into the scoring zones. Low physicality

Covert Communications: Teams will receive their map and clues and have a few minutes to compile a secrete lingo. This lingo needs to allow teams to talk over the walkie talkies without other teams understanding what they are saying. All the teams are in search of the same treasure. Medium physicality

Crawl Race: There will be webbings laid out a few feet off the ground and the teams will have to crawl through these webbings from one side to the other. Medium physicality

Croc Polo: A fun sport event with 2 teams battling it out trying to outplay one another. The objective l is to score as many goals as possible. Croc polo is derived from Canoe polo. Teams will be paddling in 2-man rafts using a water polo ball with goals on either end. High physicality

Croquet: A set course will be laid out with team members taking turns to complete. The team whish completes the rounds in the fastest time wins. Low physicality

Dice Challenge: The team throw a dice and depending on what numerals the dice lands on the team will be asked a question or to solve a riddle. If the dice lands on an odd no. they will be asked a question and if the dice lands on a even no. they will be asked a riddle. The teams elect a speaker to give the answer once the team has decided it. Each correct answer moves the team one step forward and each incorrect answer, 2 steps back. The team that reaches the finish line first, wins. Low physicality

Diving: A range of underwater challenges for team members to complete. This will be done in a swimming pool. Medium physicality

Gecko Tubing: 2 hour excursion. Close to home we run short tubing trips on our local rivers spending 45-60 minutes on various graded rapids. Each person will be in their own gecko tube and lead by a professional guide after a safety briefing. Medium physicality

Horseshoe Throw: game played between two teams where individuals take turns using the horseshoes and a throwing targets . Medium physicality

Log Throw (Caber Toss); Teams compete in throwing a large pine pole as far as possible. High physicality

Mountain Bike Trails (Bring your own MTBs): There are various trails through the property. The trails can be followed using a map or bring a GPS and download routes or Hire a GPS. The Trails are technical and challenging single track with spectacular views of the Drakensberg. High physicality

Memory Game: A range of different symbols each with a matching partner. The group needs to match up pairs by remembering where the matching symbols are located within a limited time period. Low physicality

Orienteering: Groups must get from one challenge to the next by using orienteering techniques. The group will be taught how to use the compass at the beginning of the team build and will rely on their compass work to find their way around the course. Medium physicality

Own Bikes (bikes, quads, mountain bikes): There are various trails and routes on the property which riders can utilize – either as self-guided or guided tours. Medium/ high physicality

Obstacle Race: Webbings will be laid out a few feet off the ground. Teams will have to crawl through these webbings from one side to the other. Afterwards, there will be a range of obstacle which the team will need to work together to get through. Medium physicality

Paintball - Target Shooting: There are a range of targets for the group to compete in shooting at. A fun activity with no pain! Low physicality

Paintball - War games: Groups are split into teams and need to battle against one another to win the game. It’s an awesome adventure course where participants get to use strategy to defeat the other team. Variations of war games are on offer to play. High physicality. Can be painful.

Pick Up Sticks: Remember this game?) Using giant sticks, team members will complete as many games as possible to rake up the points in their allocated time frame. Low physicality

Puzzle Build: Giant puzzles consisting of 5 pieces need to be completed as quickly as possible and in the correct order. Low physicality

Puzzles & Riddles: A range of puzzles to solve and matchstick riddles that the group needs to solve together. Low physicality

Quad Bike hire: Track/ Outrides: We have various exciting and challenging quad activities using our quad bikes for hire which can be built into your team building package depending on group size and time availability. Medium physicality

Quad Bike Hire: Obstacle Course: This will comprise of a team getting their quad from point A to point B through a range of obstacles, such as an interesting slope, a slalom course, reverse section, drum section and much more. This activity encourages a team to work together to get all members successfully through the course. Medium physicality

Questions and Riddles: A range of riddles and interesting questions that the group must work together to solve in a set time limit. Low physicality

Raft Building: Teams receive the same Materials for building and must compete in constructing a usable raft to complete tasks within a time limit. Medium physicality

Rafting (White Water): 6 hours excursion. This activity is sure to be the most exhilarating adventure of your trip and our grade 3- 5 rapids will get your adrenalin pumping. We make use of various rivers including the famous Tugela River. Our professional guides will start with a safety briefing and spend the first 45 minutes on smaller rapids to allow you to familiarize yourselves with the boats and the water before hitting the bigger rapids. All safety equipment, including helmets and life jackets will be supplied by us. We carry a medical aid kit and cell phone throughout the trip and strictly follow the guidelines of the African Paddling Association. Medium physicality

Shoot the Hoop: A range of basketball challenges where team members need to shoot the hoop from various places to gather as many points as they can for the team. Medium physicality

Ski-planks: Team members are attached by foot to a set of ski planks. The members must move planks together one at a time to move forward. This required great teamwork! Medium physicality

Soccer Challenge: All team members attempt to shoot for the goals and accrue team points. Several goals are set up, allowing a few teams to complete this challenge at the same time. Medium physicality

Stone Throw: A highland game where teams members must throw a rock as far as possible to win. Medium physicality

Skill & Accuracy: A combination of three challenges: Low Physicality

  • Castle throw: Throwing a mallet at standing castles and knocking them all down.
  • Bull’s eye: With the use of a bow and arrow the person must get the arrow in the Circle.
  • Blow darts: Blowing darts into the target to score more points.

Tug-O-War: A fun activity where teams must physically tug the rope to move the other team into their territory. Medium physicality

Volleyball: Teams are split up into smaller groups in order to incorporate everyone at different periods allowing game time and of course some much-needed rest time. A fun activity that encourages team participation! Medium physicality

Water Challenge: Teams will each stand on a block on the ground. The person at the end will have to fill a bucket with a certain amount of water and pass it on to the next team member with as much water in it as possible without falling off the block. This will continue until the person closest to the pendulum fills up the bucket with enough water, to swing the pendulum. The Team must try to swing the pendulum as many times as possible within their designated time. Medium physicality

Zip line: An exciting activity to really get the adrenalin juices flowing. 300m long, this is one exciting and safe Foofie slide. This is a great fun activity to do and can also be added into a teambuilding challenge to spice things up! An activity for young and not so young! Medium physicality



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